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inspiring and practical

From personal reflections to How-to-Guides, complete manuals to books, my writing includes real-life experiences that exemplify pertinent theories, best practices and always deep values.

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I began writing in third-grade and haven't stopped! Over the decades, my repertoire has included manuals, blogs, marketing pieces and more. I enjoy weaving together art and science with examples from my life. My words are accessible, touching the human heart, giving vision and inspiring each person to be her best, do her best. I try to write as if I'm chatting with the my friend, the reader, over a cup of tea, having a conversation that is both thought-provoking and soul-nourishing.



  • Award-winning BRIDGES Program Curricula Suite

  • Bridging Generations: How-To-Guides

  • Community Intergenerational Leadership Team Training Guide



  • Finding an Extraordinary God in an Ordinary Day book

  • Ann’s Weavings Blog

  • Love Ponderings Blog

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