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educate and impassion your people

Andrea delivers dynamic messages that are tailored, honest and encouraging; with a joy and peace that leave others wanting more. She has presented for people around the world, in person and online, for groups ranging from 5 to 500.

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For more than 30 years, I have been delivering dynamic messages that are tailored, honest and encouraging. I provide vision but also a detailed road-map. I weave together important information and practical steps, all the while reading my audience and sharing lively stories that exemplify my points. I bring a joy and peace that leave others wanting more. I've presented for people around the world, in person and online, for groups ranging from 5 to 500.  


Intergenerational Engagement

As a thought-leader in the intergenerational field, I have helped to assimilate pertinent development theories and define the best practices so that people can effectively and easily engage older adults and young people. Some of the more popular headlines are:

  • 2025: Get Prepared with Intergenerational Engagement 

  • Building IG Bridges: Preventing Ageism and Increasing Wellness

  • Grandparents and Grandchildren:  Nurturing These Special Relationships                                    


Racial Healing

As the wife of an African-American man and Mama Bear to beautiful, brown-skinned young men, I approach racial healing from a very real perspective. I weave together history, current policies and personal experience with prayers and practical action steps. "Duality" is the capacity to hold two opposing thoughts and feelings at the same time. People experience that duality in my racial work, yet leave our time together feeling enlightened and empowered. Topics have included:

  • Let There Be Peace on Earth & Let it Begin with Me

  • Being A Light

  • Using Our Voices


A Spiritual Journey

Born into a devoted Catholic family, I first sensed the Spirit around the age of 10. In high school, I made a commitment to walk with the Triune God at Confirmation and on retreat. Over the past decades, I've allowed God to be my Guide, Provider and All in All on this wildly wonder-filled journey through life. Along the way, I've expanded my understanding of religion, coming to appreciate our commonality as brothers and sisters in humanity, breathing in the Divine Spirit as children of the Divine Parent. Today, I am proudly enrolled in an interfaith/interspiritual seminary and expect to be ordained as a minister in 2022.  Topics for spiritual presentations have included::

  • Extravagant Love: Experiencing the Divine

  • My Spiritual Journey: A Lenten Talk

  • Coming to Terms with Dying and Death: The Work Every Adult Must Do

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