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Welcoming 2021 in Love: Join Me for an 8-Week Journey

As we begin a new year,

are you looking for God or

to grow in your relationship with God or

to experience God’s love more powerfully or

to find purpose and meaning in your life or

to be of more service in this troubled world or

to have a prayerful pause in your week or

to gather with people who are trying to live in Divine Love?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I invite YOU to join me for this 8-week online journey which will be both gentle and profound:

The Multiple Intelligences: 8 Ways To Experience And Share God's Love

Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory is one of my favorite lenses with which to understand ourselves, the children in our lives and others. Dr. Gardner proposes that we have 8 different types of intelligences which we can nurture. This theory has been pivotal in lovingly raising my children. It is embedded in all of the curricula and guides that I’ve written. It is used throughout America’s education systems.

Did you know that we can also use this theory to explore different ways to pray, to find God and to rest in God’s loving presence, to understand the gifts God has given us and to share God’s love with others?

That is what we’ll do during this online class that will include time to share and pray together. The class is being offered twice – on Wednesday mornings and Monday nights starting the week of January 11.

If you can make the 90-minute commitment to show-up, I trust that you will grow in your relationship with the Beloved Divine and truly be enriched. Yes! I will offer “Growing at Home” suggestions but they are purely suggestions, not mandatory and no grades will be given … except for an A for effort! You can learn more and register here

The Back-Story

This day last year, as we entered a new decade and the new year of 2020, I prayed for 20/20 vision! Our amazing God hears and answers all our prayers with Divine Timing often in unexpected ways!

Out of the challenges and fears of the year-

Out of the opportunity to get quiet and be still at home –

Came a kernel of truth:

One of my deepest desires was to combine my work as an intergenerational specialist and trainer with my spiritual life, which has been the foundation of my career.

God led to enroll in a seminary where I am studying world religions and spiritual traditions. I am in community with others who treasure the Divine and are committed to helping people of all walks of life experience Divine Love. So beautiful! Meanwhile, I joyfully continue to provide coaching and companionship for communities who want to unite generations. This works is so rewarding!

I am awed that as we begin a new year, I am able to offer this class on the Multiple Intelligences through Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center. I am truly so excited to be preparing the weekly sessions as I combine my professional and spiritual work.

Please know that I have been praying for the people who will journey with me. Are you one of them? If so, register today! I am grateful for the opportunity to share with and to be a companion with people of all faith walks – or none at all! As Jesus invited each person to come – just as they were – I invite YOU to come and meet this God who is alive and with us!

I end with excerpts from the New Year’s Day prayer poem “I Hold My Life Up to You Now” by Ted Loder in his book Guerillas of Grace: Prayers for the Battle.

Patient God…

It is not new time,

But new eyes,

New heart I seek,

And you…

O Patient God,

Make something new in me,

In this year,

For you.

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