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The Right Choice

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

NOTE: I wrote this essay for a writing contest to benefit the Cape Ann Animal Aid shelter from where we rescued our puppy. It's another example of "love in action".

I've I heard my vet say, “Humans don’t choose their puppies. Puppies choose their humans.” She’s right. I knew that was the day I would meet my furever family. So, I managed to get to the shelter’s visiting pen. I was only 11 weeks old, but when I heard the two sets of footprints coming, I got into position… sitting perfectly and looking up with my big eyes, all 11 pounds of me. The moment came. He turned the corner. Our eyes locked. He enter, picked me up and held me like a baby. I could tell this was an experienced big bro. I nuzzled in… and the rest is history. Little did they know, I’d become 75 pounds of puppy love – complete with sweet eyes and a wagging tail.

I chose a big, Italian family full of lots of love and excitement. I have four brothers who are old enough to come and go. When they show up, I’m guaranteed extra belly rubs and play time. Right after they brought me home, they had a family meeting with my mom and dad. “Gaston is the name of a Disney villain and not suitable for our little puppy. It has to change.” One of them suggested “Titan” and they all agreed.

Quite frankly, my human mom really wants a grandchild. So, she’s thrilled to buy me lots of fun toys. One of my first outings was to my human cousin’s 10th birthday party with 10 oooh-ing girls. My mom bought a birthday cupcake toy for me to bring. That’ my lovey! Talking about love, this girl has a dog. He’s not only my cousin – but my bestie. We get to play together every week, running and wrestling. It’s super fun!

It’s pretty awesome that I live next door to my grandparents. I get to go visit whenever I want. Papa’ grew up where dogs ate people food. He keeps the tradition going and taught me to sit patiently next to him and wait for yummies. Nonna recognizes my true-talent. I am a great basketball player destined for the Celtics. I bounce the ball and catch it mid-air. I know how to dribble. I bring the ball to my humans. When they throw it far, I catch-it mid-air. I’m also an expert at finding a hill, rolling the ball down and snatching it before it hits the bottom. Like every good grandmother, Nonna has toys, cookies and even marrow bones for me. I enjoy them while she sews. We keep each other company.

I also keep my dad and mom company on their long walks. My favorite one are when we go to the beach and I get to play in the surf. When I’m tuckered out, I curl up next to my humans, put my head on their lap and take a nap. When my cousins are over, I snuggle up with them. So cozy. I definitely made the right choice with this family. I bet this is what heaven’s like!

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