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My Holiday Wish: A New America with Deep Racial Healing

Along with an end to COVID and world peace and.... let us return to racial healing. During this most difficult year, many of us became aware of the depths of systemic racism in this country. We rallied, we protested, we petitioned, we voted, we prayed, we started conversations, we cultivated listening hearts... many of us tried to be instruments of healing love that changes lives... and systems.

I'm grateful for my son, Kevin, and his artwork that helps raise awareness about racism. Let this poem that he and his friend Cierra wrote be one of our prayers during this holiday season and 2021.

By the way - this Mama Bear wants you to know that if you are interested, you may purchase the print at his RedBubble website. I've found it easiest to go the art and then click through to see the variety of ways you can have it printed as well as objects on which you can print. Just saying...

And praying:

I want to build a new America: something special for each and every black and brown boy and girl. I want to build a new America

one where they find strength in the teachings of their history and power in the possibilities of the future.

I want to build a new America, so their voices can be heard even just a small whisper will spark change.

I want to build a new America,

one that protects all

of its beautiful children

and their freedoms.

I need an America,

where black and brown boys and girls

know their lives matter

that they are


May each of us help build this new America. May every black and brown skinned person know they are truly loved. May our country be healed racially and may new systems of true equality, justice and prosperity be constructed. May there be racial peace on earth and may it begin with me... and you.

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