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Holiday Cheer Boxes for Older Adults

It’s Holiday Time! Judaism and Christianity celebrate the Divine’s intervention in our world, inviting us to share light and love. The Winter Solstice reminds us of the amazing cycle of life – the stars that shine in the darkest of nights

Yet, this year, it might be more difficult for many of us to experience the goodness rooted in these festivals. Some of us may not feel so cheerful… Some of us may be struggling to put food on the table or buy gifts to exchange. The tension in our country may be causing our flames to flicker.

Yet, each of us has a choice… to love and life – to celebrate the miracles of Chanukah and Christmas and the seasons of life.

Each of us can share a smile… an encouraging word… an uplifting story… a listening heart... a message of hope. We may choose to refrain from adding to the negativity that seems to abound.

If we are able, we can also share a tangible gift. Many of us want to assure that every child will have a gift “under the tree”.

However, let us remember that this year, in particular, there are many adults (especially older ones) who may not receive a holiday hug or gift.

I invite you to reflect on your own circles of love. Do you know anyone who will be alone on the holidays? Someone who will not receive a gift – because they are isolated from family and friends due to a myriad of circumstances including outliving their loved ones, mental illness or family tensions?

Consider creating a Holiday Cheer Box for someone in your circle of love, perhaps someone to whom you may not normally give a gift. Consider filling a shoebox or shirt box with items like:

· A notepad and pen

· Notecards and stamps

· A mini-flashlight

· Nice hand lotion or soap

· A mini-bottle of hand sanitizer

· Some chocolate

· A healthy snack

· A crossword puzzle booklet or art coloring book & markers

· A gift-card to a drive-through coffee shop or restaurant

· A page-a-day calendar

· A votive candle

· A book you think they will enjoy

· Exercise bands

To add delight, consider wrapping each item in tissue-paper and then wrapping the entire box in paper.

On the top of the present, you may want to include "A Gift to this World" and write a few ways that this person is in fact, a gift to this world.

gift to this world
Download PDF • 132KB

My circle of love is joyfully remembering these people who may be forgotten by others by providing Holiday Cheer Boxes for members of the Metrowest YMCA. If you are so moved, you may contribute here.

This holiday season, I pray that YOU will experience the miracle of Divine peace, joy, hope and love - also that you will bring your light to others. Happy Holy-days!

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