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bridging and empowering people

I masterfully facilitate uniting people and ideas - across departments, communities and faith traditions. I am a collaborator who helps people develop a team and then empowers that team to determine a goal, develop a realistic action plan and bring it to fruition. I am ready to serve as a coach and companion with practical advice and lots of encouragement. 

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As a coach and companion, I provide lots of ideas and practical tips. I am ready with a wonderful toolbox of resources and activities that unite and empower. My work is driven by my values in the giftedness of each person and the beauty of team-work. Joy and kindness, depth and breathe permeate all that I do. Building on my commitment to individual attention, I prefer to facilitate groups ranging from 5 people to 50.  



In order to effectively unite generations, create programming that is sustainable, and move to an age-integrated community, it is critical to have an Intergenerational Leadership Team. I can help you or your "Intergenerational Champion" identify possible partners and funding sources. Then, I will provide training and coaching to  help your team start, strengthen or expand your work, ranging from programming to community-wide age integration. 


Racial Healing:

Uniting people who are committed to racial healing, I listen and deliver messages that are filled with compassion, truth, hope and love. I lead a monthly, online prayer service. Sign-up for the blog to become aware of upcoming services. Or contact me to arrange for me to present to your group.  


Spiritual Programs:

From prayer services to retreats, I am adept at weaving together scripture, prayers and reflections in order to help attendees learn AND experience Divine Love. 

  • Retreats & Mornings of Reflection

  • Prayer Services for women’s groups

  • Anniversary blessings

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