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BRIDGES Intergenerational
Program Curricula

"I really love how every lesson was created with the standards that we already teach in mind! It makes the resources useful, connected to what they're already learning and almost an organic enrichment of what we're already doing in classrooms. So excited to start!" -- A teacher


The BRIDGES Program Curricula suite is a ready-made, off-the-shelf set of four programs proven to unite youth and older adults.

The four programs of the BRIDGES Program Curricula Suite are:

The basis of a BRIDGES program is always a partnership between a youth organization and an organization that serves older adults. This is usually a school and a senior center, but BRIDGES programs have also run in libraries, community centers, afterschool programs and senior housing. An intergenerational leadership team – comprised of representatives from a youth organization such as a school and a senior organization – join together to implement the program.


The BRIDGES program is a solution for communities looking for a proven and award-winning way to unite generations. Now available: an affordable, online, dynamic training program for your team. This includes videos from BRIDGES developer Andrea J. Fonte Weaver, interactive activities and background information to ensure you have the insights and basic tools to begin implementation of a successful IG program in your own community


“The training went wonderful! I really like the structure; it was easy to follow.
The lessons were so thought-provoking and engaging. We are excited to move forward and implement the program!!”Stephanie Adams, Professor at Gannon University, Ruskin, FL – Summer 2019

Each of the four curricula is:

  • Based on human development theories and best practices from the field (Read more about the theories behind Bridges Together's work here.)

  • Designed to spark meaningful conversation between both groups

  • Built around theme-based small group work

In addition, all four currricula:

  • Include interview and reflection questions at home and during the sessions

  • Reinforce the theme via educational activities and group projects

  • Support Common Core Standards


The BRIDGES Program Curricula Suite has won multiple awards and is designated a Program of Distinction by the national organization Generations United.


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